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Dacia Sandero: Value, second to none

Published on: 17th July 2017

Written by: Scott Martin

The Dacia Sandero Ambiance is second to none in value. Coming in a at the best value car in its market it is a fantastic choice for any individual or family looking to save and reduce cost. The Sandero certainly does not sacrifice size to retain its great value cost registering as one of the roomiest vehicles in the smaller car market, roomier in size than its rivals the Renault Clio and Vauxhall Corsa.

Produced by Renault, the Sandero is built with much of the same running gear as your usual Renault vehicles resulting in fantastic reliability when driving short distances or long journeys. It has a soft suspension and smothers bumps well with accurate steering to complete. Dacia offer a great view from the driver’s seat in all Dacia’s particularly the Sandero, with the windscreen pillars thing providing maximum visibility. Moreover, the window line is kept at a good level making roundabouts and pulling out at junctions easier.

Equipped with radio and Bluetooth for phone connectivity and coupled with a USB socket to charge your phone, the Dacia provides what exactly what you need for journeys long or short. Air con will also keep you warm or cool as standard with the Dacia.

A great city car, the Dacia Sandero Ambiance is a great choice for small families and people looking for a smaller, reliable car who need to get from A to B. Its excellent value is un-matched in the market and we at Wheel4sure would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in leasing the Dacia Sandero Ambiance.

If you are interested in leasing a brand new Dacia Sandero or would like more information about what we at Wheels4Sure do, call us on: 020 3823 1016. Find out more at here.

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