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Kia Carens 1 – The Ultimate family car

Published on: 29th June 2017

Written by: Scott Martin

The Kia Carens is emblematic of the huge leap forward that Kia have been making in recent years. It is well built, well equipped, cheap to run and looks more stylish than many of its competitors. The Carens is a mid-sized MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) that is built to compete alongside cars like the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer, Ford S Max and Volkswagen Touran.

As a 7 seater, the Carens is definitely built for comfort rather than speed, with a soft suspension being key to preventing those pesky potholes and bobbles in the road making your passengers complain too much! On the inside of this model, you find yourself with Bluetooth connectivity, LED running lights, air conditioning and all – round electric windows, which is nothing to turn your nose up at.

As with every Kia, they highlight the 7 year warranty that comes with it which is the longest warranty of any manufacturer currently, and shows faith in solid engineering and technology. Also, the Carens scored very well in crash tests which is certainly a plus for those with big families. Being a 7 seater, if you are to put the back 2 seats down you find yourself with plenty of room for storage of buggies and prams or the kids football kit, but the back seats are a little cramped and not ideal for adults.

The Carens is the most recent Kia to receive its updated, stylish looks with the recognisable Kia front grill and the LED lights running across the headlights, and it will turn a head or two as you drive down the street. Overall, this MPV is an excellent choice for those with a large family on a budget and I’d love to talk to you more about it in detail. Please call me on 0203 823 1014, or email your enquiry to m.righton@wheels4sure.com or click here.

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