About us

Wheels4Sure was founded in 2012 by Reginald Larry-Cole and Scott Martin, both experienced automotive professionals who had witnessed first-hand the problems people faced in funding new cars during the recession.

The traditional model of purchasing a new car meant that customers were expected to have faultless credit histories or face paying extortionate interest rates which put many vehicles out of the reach of normal working people. And those were the ‘lucky’ ones that got accepted for car finance – many were refused credit or turned away as bad credit risks.

Time and time again Reg and Scott heard the same story of people with a good job and salary and the need and desire for a new car, but there was no one offering these drivers a viable alternative. The banks and car finance companies would only lend to a small proportion of people and even then at hugely high interest rates.

So in 2012 Wheels4Sure was launched at the same time as Buy2LetCars to solve the problem. Buy2LetCars is the funding arm of the proposition – it offers investors a way to grow their savings by investing in a new car which is then leased out by Wheels4Sure for three years. The investor receives a monthly payment and then a lump sum at the end of the three-year term. The driver gets to drive a brand new car for three years with a fixed monthly payment. It couldn’t be simpler.

With offices in Godstone, West Wickham and Erith, Wheels4Sure provides vehicles to England and Wales and have seen the way it can change people’s lives and help people live and work with real peace of mind.

Reg & Scott - Wheels4Sure Founders

Visit Buy2LetCars to find out more or call 020 8289 6667 and speak with one of our Funding Consultants.