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Another happy client for three more years

Published: 26th May 2017
Another happy client for three more years

A year ago I had an application to lease a car from Wheels4Sure for Mr K, and from the start he was a lovely person to speak with on the phone and after going through his current situation, and exactly how Wheels4Sure works and what we do he absolutely loved the prospect of leasing a brand new car for three years from us.

Once we completed the paperwork and had his full application submitted to the underwriting team it was recommended that Mr K took a pre-driven Hyundai i20 for a 12-month contract to build a relationship with each other and to ensure he was a strong enough applicant for a brand new car. Throughout those 12 months we stayed in regular contact with each other to build a stronger relationship and get to know each other better.

I always knew Mr K would be looking to renew his existing contract into a brand new car after the 12 months, and three months ago that process started again. Updated documents were provided, and another initial payment was paid towards his new Mini Cooper, and he was fully approved for the brand new car we had agreed upon 12 months previously.

To my delight, Mr K requested to come and meet me face-to-face for outstanding customer service throughout his contract, and I was more than happy to do this. This was slightly out of the norm as we are a call centre and rarely meet our clients in person, but as I was promised biscuits and crisps how could I say no?

Today, Mr K has swapped his Hyundai i20 for a brand new Mini Cooper with a three-year contract and once again I will ensure I provide the highest level of customer service that I can, and I have already been assured that he is spreading my name far and wide to encourage people with less than perfect credit to come to myself to lease a car.

If you would like to speak to me in person please call 0203 823 1014 or email m.righton@wheels4sure.com or to find out more about our range of vehicles available to lease./


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