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The Wheels4Sure Summer Driving Survey Results

Published: 26th July 2017
The Wheels4Sure Summer Driving Survey Results

The new car X-factor

Lots of people want one. Some people take a long time to choose which one is best for them. Some people even say they love them!

A brand new car means different things to different people and it’s always a special moment getting behind the wheel of your new car for the first time. As a leasing company we speak with customers every day who are delighted to take to the road in a brand new model, so we decided to ask our happy drivers what they think is the best thing about driving a new car.

Practicality wins out for the majority of drivers, with 61% stating that the best thing about their new car was the ‘reliability’, with 16% saying that it is ‘knowing you are the first driver’.  A further 11% love the new car smell, 7% enjoy the peace of mind that the long warranty brings and surprisingly only 5% are worried about having the latest number plate.

When it comes to summer driving and hot, sunny days a massive 77% of our drivers said that the one thing they couldn’t do without was air conditioning, 7% said they needed a bottle of water in the car with them and 4% wanted a sunroof, sat nav or some great summer tunes.

At Wheels4Sure our car leasing model is different to that of other companies, in that we look at people’s credit present and ability to pay, rather than their credit history, meaning that we are able to supply brand new cars to many people refused credit elsewhere. By looking at the person’s current financial position rather than a number from a credit reference agency, we can build a good picture of what is affordable for each applicant and are able to accept around 95% of all  applications.

With more and more people deciding to lease their new car we asked our customers why they chose to lease rather than buy. 39% said that their credit rating is not yet good enough to be accepted for car finance, and 26% said that they like the chance to change their car every three years. For 16% of our drivers it is the peace of mind that fixed monthly cost motoring brings with a lease car and a further 16% appreciate the hassle-free nature of car leasing over buying.

We are also pleased to report that Wheels4Sure drivers are a clean lot!  With 35% cleaning the outside of their car weekly and 18% the inside too! Sadly 1.75% of our respondees confessed to only washing their car annually!

If you would like to find out more about leasing a brand new car through Wheels4Sure you can visit www.wheels4sure.com, call 020 3823 1010 or email info@wheels4sure.com

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