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BMW 118 SE Review

Published: 17th May 2017

The BMW 118 SE is the very definition of German engineering as a rear-wheel-drive sporty hatchback, it is an absolute joy to drive in day to day life. The badge alone is a sign of status in modern society, and it’s a very popular car for small families and young professionals.

The BMW 1 series is surprisingly comfortable with the SE trim inside and has plenty of gadgets to keep you entertained on your drives. Inside, you will find Bluetooth and USB connectivity for your phones, wheel-mounted controls for volume, radio stations and the like, and you have a speed limiter button for easy motorway driving. There is also a 6.5” display screen which shows the SatNav and other multimedia toys for you to play with, and this is all controlled by a rotary wheel just behind the gearstick.

The engine is a gutsy 1.5 that can get you up to 60 mpg making it very economical for long driving and still has reasonably good fuel efficiency around town as well. On the exterior, the BMW does come with 16” alloy wheels, chrome exhaust and automatic tyre pressure warning so you won’t be stuck with a flat before you can get to a petrol station.

Overall, the BMW 118 SE is a premium family hatchback, and the cost of the car does reflect that, but I believe it to be an excellent price for what you are getting in terms of mechanical engineering and just being a sheer joy to drive.

If you would like to experience driving a premium hatchback for a 3-year contract, please call me, Marcus Righton, on 0203 823 1014 for further details, or please email me at m.righton@wheels4sure.com.

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