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Car Leasing NHS Discount for Key Workers

Published: 26th June 2020

We recognise and value all the hard work and dedication of the NHS staff, not just during the pandemic but especially now. We understand there is a lot of pressure on key workers during these unprecedented times, and want to help out in any way we possibly can. 

Therefore, we are proud to be offering a discount for all NHS staff on any and all car leasing deals here at Wheels4Sure.

Our Discounts On Car Leasing for NHS Staff

Here at Wheels4Sure we are offering a discount on all new and pre-owned cars for our valuable NHS staff, including doctors, nurses, dentists and much more. Our NHS discount provides key workers with affordable car leasing options, so there’s one less thing to worry about.

We’re offering £15 off all monthly payments, making for total savings of £525! We understand that for our NHS staff it can be difficult to find a large sum of money to cover the initial costs of car leasing, which is why we also have 15% of all initial payments.


What Do You Get?

Here at Wheels4Sure we are providing you with much more than just car leasing. We’re providing you with more bang for your buck that will keep your car running smoother, and for longer. If you’re looking to take advantage of the NHS discount, you will also receive these amazing add-ons – on top of the amazing savings already made available to you.

Wear and Tear

Maintaining a car can be difficult, especially when you’re short on time. It can be a case of just getting from A to B and doing those checks at a later time. Fortunately, Wheels4Sure takes care of your servicing for the entirety of contract, giving you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Road Tax

To help you go on your merry way as soon as possible, we include a whole year of UK’s road tax. This could save you around £150, and will let you hit the ground running with your new vehicle, literally.

Break Down

We’ve all been there, breaking down can be a stressful experience without the right breakdown cover. The last thing we want is you stranded out in the middle of nowhere, so we throw in one year’s break down cover to keep you moving. 

hyundai i40 silver car design

What Cars Are Available Through The NHS Discount?

At Wheels4Sure, we want to reward the hard working NHS employees for all they are and have  been doing for the country. Our nation’s key workers have ensured that even though the country has been on lockdown, everything has been ticking along in the background. 

To say a massive thank you, the NHS discount available can be redeemed on any vehicle. Whether it be a family car, or just something to get you from A to B you can rely on us to provide you with affordable car leasing on your favourite vehicles..

These are just some of the manufacturers we work with:

The availability of our cars changes frequently, so if we don’t have the car you’re looking for make sure to check back regularly for updates. We work alongside our investors at Buy2LetCars to provide you with the right car at the right price. 

So whether you’re looking for a nifty Mini Cooper car lease, or a spacious family car such as the Renault Captur Iconic, we have the perfect match for you no matter your credit.

fiat tipo black car with wheels for sure logo in plate

How Do I Apply For The NHS Car Leasing Discount?

Working for the NHS, while rewarding, can be tiring and leave most of you short on time, which is why we have made the process of applying for the discount quick and easy. So, if you’re interested in the NHS discount and would like to learn more, simply just enquire and quote the deal. 

You can contact us through our enquiry form, alternatively if you’d prefer, you can call us on 0203 823 1010.

What Happens Next?

This is the part when you can sit back and relax, we aspire to make our customers’ experience as seamless and painless as possible.

Once you’ve submitted all your details, we’ll do our background checks and get back to you to let you know whether you have been accepted or not. As we specialise in working with people with bad credit, unless you are in bankruptcy or have an IVA you will most likely be accepted no questions asked.

From the point you have been accepted, you simply need to make your first monthly payment and then the car will be yours. It’s that simple. 

What Benefits Are There To Leasing A Car?

There are numerous benefits to leasing a car especially if you can take advantage of the whopping discount for NHS staff. Leasing a car is much different than outright buying a car and with it can bring advantages you wouldn’t even have considered.

Other than the most obvious benefit being able to spread the payments across a longer period, there are other benefits that benefit your time and money. These are:

  • A brand-new car of your choice
  • Lower initial costs
  • A simpler and quicker process
  • No depreciation of assets
  • Fixed price throughout
  • Lower monthly repayments
  • Flexibility

If any of these above mentioned points appeal to you, car leasing may be an option for you. And of course, if you are an NHS key worker then further savings can be made using our dedicated discount. 

Can I Still Apply If I Have Bad Credit?

Unfortunately a bad credit score can get in the way of most types of enquiry for credit. However, we are specialist providers that work specifically with people that have bad credit. We work to not only provide an affordable leasing option but to also to help improve your credit score over time.

Our 3 year lease contracts are perfect for improving your credit gradually over time, and in most cases our customers’ credit has improved to the point where they would be accepted by most general providers.

We could accept you even if you have:

  • Low credit
  • Have been refused credit in the past
  • Have a CCJ (County Court Judgement)
  • Are self employed
  • Have recently been discharged from bankruptcy

However, there are some instances such as IVA where unfortunately you would not be accepted at this current time. To find out more visit our car leasing for bad credit page.

renault clio lease from front


Find Your New Car On Lease 

To take advantage of our affordable car leasing options, or have a chat about your NHS discount with our friendly customer service team, simply fill in our enquiry form or call us on 0203 823 1010.

If you’re curious as to what cars we have available, browse our wide range of car leasing options we have available. 

Whatever the car you’re looking for, we make it so you could be driving the car you want at the price you want in a matter of days. Get in touch with our team today.

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