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Benefits of Car Leasing in the UK

Published: 24th July 2020

Car leasing is quickly becoming the most popular way in the UK to get your hands on a new pair of wheels. So, if you’ve got your eye on a new car but are put off by the price, why not consider car leasing? 

Read ahead to learn about the astounding benefits of car leasing – contributing to a happy wallet, lifestyle and peace of mind.



1) You’ll Save Money

Car leasing unlike other means such as PCP doesn’t require large balloon payments or extortionate monthly costs. Car leasing, in the long run, can actually work to save you money and allow you to build savings, maintain other bills and be comfortable with money.

The benefit of leasing a car means lower deposits and lower monthly payments. As with PCP or regular car finance, the initial deposit is to lower the monthly payments and contributes to the total that is owed, however, with leasing you don’t need to worry about clearing a huge cost. 

With fixed low monthly payments over a three year period, and no surprise costs car leasing works out much cheaper than buying or financing. With an initial payment from £299 you could be driving away with your dream car at the fraction of a cost. 

Browse the vehicles we have available and see how much you could be saving!

2) You Don’t Own The Car

While this may initially seem like a drawback of not buying a car outright, the fact that you don’t own the car actually works in your favour. From the depreciation in value of cars overtime to ongoing maintenance you’ll be thankful that your car isn’t your responsibility. 

A new car depreciates in value immediately once it is driven off the court, meaning in the space of a day your car will drop in value just by you taking ownership of the vehicle. 

On top of that, cars depreciate in value anywhere between 10% to 15% each year, meaning your car could also be losing a fifth of its value every year. This could mean that when it comes to selling your vehicle, years down the line your vehicle could be worth at best half of what you paid. 

Fortunately with car leasing, you don’t have to worry about the stress of owning a car. When you lease a car you reap all the benefits of driving a brand new car with none of the responsibility. 

3) You Get a Brand Spanking New Car

The most desirable quality of leasing is the ability to drive a brand new car for the fraction of a price. This is a luxury that most motorists cannot afford, simply because of the price tag associated with cars of this nature.

But with car leasing, you not only have the ability to drive a car that would otherwise be off-limits but swap that car every few years for an upgrade. That’s right, drive a new car every few years, experience what Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Ford all have to offer you. 

If you’re a car enthusiast this is great news for you. As we’re sure you know cars evolve all the time, new technology, new innovative designs, improved fuel efficiency, updated entertainment systems. 

If you’re someone who gets bored easily and is always wanting the ‘new thing’ – car leasing is right up your alley. In a few years when your car becomes dated, swap it out for a brand new one and fall in love all over again. The same for young families, the car you have now may not be appropriate in a few years time due to a new spritely addition. 

So whether you’re looking for an iconic Vauxhall Corsa or a sleek new Renault Captur Iconic we have you covered for years to come.

4) Leasing Helps Your Credit Score

Your credit can be a huge factor when leasing a car, and can often be the difference between driving away happy or getting turned away. 

Luckily for those of with you bad credit, we accept 95% of our applications. We look at your current affordability, and less on credit history. We understand that times change and what was the case a year or two ago, isn’t necessarily the same today – so we work to provide those that have been turned away with a second chance.

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How does car leasing help your credit score?

While the benefits of car leasing do for the most part lay with low monthly payments, saving money long term and owning a brand new car – there’s another benefit that is often overlooked. Building your credit score.

The premise behind measuring your credit is so to equip lenders with a means to rate your trustworthiness easily. Furthermore, your credit score is built up of your ability to make regular repayments alongside other important factors. 

For those with bad credit, building your credit score is more vital than ever, and fortunately, car leasing will help you get there. Through reliably making regular repayments (on time and consistently), you are able to overtime build your credit score to an acceptable point over time – so you may eventually get accepted by some general lenders.

Another means of building your credit score is through having a mixture of different types of credit, e.g. loans, credit cards, leasing. While we’re not advising you to go out and sign up for more, if you happen to already have a credit card, for example, this can help you prove your creditworthiness even further.

We are specialist providers of car leasing for bad credit, that not only allows you to secure affordable credit but also grants you the opportunity to prove your reliability to potential lenders.

5) Less Hassle

Referring back to the point made about not owning the car, this argument is much the same in that general upkeep and regular maintenance of the car is generally not your responsibility. 

Some lenders incorporate additional costs such as insurance and maintenance etc.into the monthly costs so it’s one less thing to worry about. 

Here at Wheels 4 Sure your car comes with the first year’s road fund license, a three year warranty that covers for mechanical faults, one year breakdown cover and a full servicing plan throughout your lease. However, all we ask is that you insure your vehicle yourself with a fully comprehensive insurance policy prior to collection of the car.

6) Simple and Accessible

A key benefit of car leasing is how simple and accessible it is to get started. The process is quick, painless and you have a 95% chance of being accepted.

If you’re looking to lease a car simply choose a car that takes your fancy, then fill in our application. That’s it. Once you’ve been accepted it’s a case of arranging your own insurance cover, and then either a.) picking up your vehicle from one of our depots or b.) get your car delivered to your home address.

We want to make sure that your experience is as seamless as possible. So, from the point of submitting your application to the point of being handed the keys and driving away – we pride ourselves on how simple it is.

Our car leasing deals are perfect for those that lead busy lives, from work to childcare with minimal time to go through the headache of buying your next car. Simply open up your laptop, go to our website, find a car you like and submit your application. 

It’s just that easy. With the added benefit of having your vehicle delivered straight to your door!

Find Your New Car On Lease

To take advantage of our affordable car leasing options, or have a chat about the effect car leasing has on your credit score with our no-pressure customer service team, simply fill in our enquiry form or call us on 0203 823 1010. Join our hundreds of happy clients in harnessing the benefits of car leasing. 

If you’re curious as to how you could take advantage of the benefits of car leasing, browse our range of deals – and experience the benefits first hand.

Whatever the car you’re looking for, we make it so you could be driving the car you want at the price you want in a matter of days. 

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