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Car Leasing Based on Affordability

Here at Wheels4Sure, we provide deals for car leasing based on affordability, not credit score. If you are looking to lease a brand new car, but have run into credit-related issues in the past, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you have experienced any of the below issues, we can still offer you a great deal:

  • Have a low credit rating
  • Have been refused credit in the past
  • Have a previously appointed CCJ (County Court Judgement)
  • Are self-employed
  • Have just been discharged from bankruptcy 

We understand that credit rating is not the best way to assess someone’s suitability for car leasing. Even when your credit issues are in the past, some leasing companies will still count this against your application. Instead, we quality you for car leasing based on your ability to afford the car now, not for any past financial issues.

Affordable Leasing for Bad Credit Drivers

Our bad credit car leasing deals offer some of the most affordable rates around. We provide a wide range of car leasing options across numerous top of the range brands, at rates that won’t break the bank. Brands we cover include:

From rates as low as £199 per month for a brand new car, you can’t go far wrong. Whether you’re looking for an SUV or a city car, a big family vehicle or even an automatic car, our range has got you covered.

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Why Lease with Wheels4Sure?

Our leasing system is designed to bring you more benefits than just the obvious. If you are looking for car leasing based on affordability rather than credit rating, Wheels4Sure can help. Alongside this, committing to a car lease will actually help you improve your credit rating.

Through regular affordable monthly payments, you will find your credit score becoming more robust over time. Our unique business model funds cars from investor funds, meaning that no banks or insurance companies are involved at all. 

We have a 95% acceptance rate on applications we receive. This is because we strive to provide a low-cost alternative for people who may be struggling to find a lease elsewhere. Our leasing deals are available on both pre-owned and brand new cars, with every lease coming with free maintenance throughout the duration of the contract. 

Am I Eligible To Lease with Wheels4Sure?

As long as you meet the below criteria, we see no reason why your application would not be successful. Take a look!

  • You’re over 21
  • You have a full UK / EU driving licence for at least 1 year
  • You have 6 points or less on your licence, with no history of drunk or uninsured driving
  • You are able to demonstrate you have clear, disposable income
  • If you are paid a salary, you have passed your probation period at work
  • If you are self-employed, you earn £1200 or more a month after tax
  • You don’t have a CCJ or IVA from within the last 12 months
  • You understand we operate a Pay-As-You-Go system
  • Your home address is in England or Wales
  • You are free of, or have been discharged from bankruptcy

If you meet these criteria, feel free to get in touch with our leasing experts today. Our team can help find the perfect lease for you, and get you on the road as fast as possible. With car leasing based on affordability rather than past credit issues, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with Wheels4Sure. Browse our range, or give us a call on 0203 823 1010 today for more information!

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