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Mini Cooper 1.5 5 Door Manual Review

Published: 4th November 2019

Mini Cooper 1.5 5 Door Manual Review

The humble Mini Cooper has always been a brilliant option for those looking for a car that can handle the daily grind. But, offers enough charisma to ensure that it becomes part of the family. The history of the Mini Cooper has been one that has seen the car rise from being a racing variation of Mini’s other models, through to becoming one of the most iconic British cars of all time. Today, its popularity hasn’t declined and is an extremely popular car for both families and driving enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at why.

Driving Experience 

The Mini Cooper wouldn’t be a British icon if it didn’t have loads of character and wasn’t fun to drive. Fortunately, the 5-door version has both these qualities. It’s a little bit heavier than the 3-door model, but still handles impeccably, with loads of grip and accurate steers and ensures that nose goes precisely where you point it. The ride is firm, handles comfortably at motorway speed, and there is next to no lean when turning corners. With dynamic traction control, power control and ABS brakes, the Mini Cooper offers a lot more comfort and composure than its rivals such as the Ford Fiesta or Kia Rio.


When it comes to contemporary sports cars, this is by far one of the best models for taller drivers. There’s lots of front legroom, and the chassis makes for a good amount of headroom. You might, however, find the driving position a little bit of a mixed bag because the pedals are slightly offset to the right. But, there is a good range of adjustments in the seat and steering that will allow you to find your comfortable driving position. Even better, you can actually put loads of stuff in the back. This is thanks to hatchback body-style and fold-down rear seats.

How Does The Mini Cooper Look?

Over the years, the style of the Mini Cooper has evolved but has essentially remained the same. It’s still a small car that has similar curves as the original although it is now slightly larger. The 1959 ‘stocky’ appearance is still apparent in the newer models, despite many years of development.

Technology Specifications

  • Bluetooth handsfree with USB radio.
  • ABS Brakes.
  • Tyre pressure warning system.
  • Power steering with Servotronic.
  • Dynamic traction control.
  • Front and rear brake discs.
  • Stop/start button with keyless start.

Our Verdict

The Mini Cooper is a smart-looking small car that is brilliant to drive and sure to put a smile on your face, and you should definitely consider one if you are looking for an all-round convenient car. It also has one of the smartest interiors in the motoring world; it’s retro-looking but easy to use and exceptionally built. There are few other small cars on the market that will make you feel as good about driving them as a Mini Cooper does.

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