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Start The New Year With a Brand New Car

Published: 2nd December 2019

how to lease a car with bad credit

The end of the decade is fast approaching with many people making their plans for the new year. Many choose to create a list of new year resolutions of positive changes they want to make whilst others like to map out their year ahead to ensure they achieve their goals. But, there are some out there that actually choose to decide what they need for the new year. This could be finding a new home, opening a new savings account or getting a new car.

In fact, the weeks around Christmas and the new year can deliver huge savings when it comes to getting a new car. During this period, there are not a lot of new plate releases, and most car dealerships will be relativity quiet, so they slash their prices in order to maintain a flow of sales. But, there is an increasing number of drivers that choose to start the new year with a car lease as opposed to buying one outright or on car finance. Let’s take a look at why.

The Benefits of a Car Lease 

Leasing a car is a great option for those who cannot afford to purchase one outright. Let’s take a look at the number of benefits that can make leasing an attractive option.

Enjoy The Latest Technology 

Because you are driving a new car, you will get to enjoy all the latest technology and safety features. Whether you’re looking for the best city cars or family cars, some of the newest additions include augmented reality sat navs, auto smartphone mirroring, blind-spot view monitors and pedestrian warning systems. So, if you like to think of yourself as a techy person and want to enjoy all the latest features that manufacturers are including in their cars, then car leasing is an option that you should consider.

Fixed Repayments

When you choose to lease a car, you will be making fixed repayments that are solely based on the car’s expected depreciation value. This is the difference between the original purchase price and the car’s resale value at the end of the leasing term. If a car holds its value over time, then the repayments will be lower. This is what makes it possible to drive a better car than if you were to buy one outright.

Manufacturer’s Warranty 

Leasing a car means that there will be lower maintenance costs than if you were to buy one. Most of the time, the car you are leasing will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you won’t need to foot the bill for when something goes wrong. Basis maintenance is likely to be included in your lease agreement or car warranty.

You Can Lease Even With Bad Credit 

Historically, securing a car lease with a bad credit score was very difficult. However, there are now more car leasing companies that specifically offer car leasing for those with bad credit (we are one of them!). They are able to help people with bad credit because they do not rely on credit checks to determine affordability. Instead of using credit files, they assess the ability to afford the monthly repayments based on the leasing term and on a case to case basis. And, the great thing about leasing a car when you suffer from a bad credit score is that if you make your repayments in full and on-time, it improves your credit score over the term of the bad credit car lease.

When The Leasing Term Ends 

Once the leasing term comes to an end, you will be able to exchange the car for a brand new one. This means that you will be able to enjoy the advantages of leasing a new car on a regular basis. It also means that you can avoid depreciation costs as you do not own the car as it loses its value over time.

Car Leasing With Wheels4Sure

If you have always pictured yourself driving a brand new car in the new year, then why not consider one of our lease deals. We accept our applicants based on their current affordability, not credit history. In fact, we say yes to 95% of car leasing applicants. Please call us on 0203 823 1010 or apply via our website to get to the process rolling today.

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