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The Benefits of Leasing a Car

Published: 16th August 2019

The benefits of leasing go far beyond the advantage of just getting a brand new car. In addition to avoiding a lengthy commitment to a depreciating car, you can drive away with cheaper monthly fees and without the worry of having to pay for maintenance on the car. Leasing is also a great option for those who cannot afford to purchase a car outright. In this blog post, we look at a number of different benefits that makes car leasing an attractive option.

Drive a Brand New Car

If you choose to lease, you will find yourself driving a brand new and better car than if you buy one outright. The reason for this is because you will only pay the car’s depreciation for the term of the lease, not the value of the car because you won’t actually own it. As a result of this, your monthly lease payments will be lower compared to other forms of car finance, which means you can lease a better and more reliable car.

Get the Latest Technology

Because you will be driving a brand new car, you will benefit from all the latest technology. Recent additions include parking sensors, stop/start technology and onboard smart computers. So, if you like to stay up to date and have all the latest gadgets, then leasing a car is a great option for you to explore.

Fixed Monthly Repayments

When you lease, you will make fixed monthly repayments that are based on the car’s expected depreciation value. This is the difference between the purchase price and the resale value at the end of the leasing agreement. The better that a car holds its value, the lower the repayments will be, which makes it possible to lease a better car than you would if you were to buy.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Leasing a car provides much lower maintenance costs than purchasing outright. This is because the person who is leasing the car doesn’t retain ownership, so maintenance is normally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular Upgrades

After the leasing period ends, you will then be able to exchange the car for a completely brand new one if you wish to do so. This means that you will be able to take advantage of having a new car on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Leasing a car infographic

Car Leasing with Wheels4Sure

If you’ve always pictured yourself leasing a brand new car, then Wheels4Sure can make that happen! Our packages cover the first year’s road tax, servicing, breakdown cover, and full manufacturer’s warranty. Please call us on 0203 823 1010 or apply via our website to get the ball rolling today!

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