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Wheels4Sure – Whats not to like about that?

Published: 6th May 2020

Wheels4sure has always valued the key workers in our community and the company was set up to help those individuals in 2012 that have struggled with their credit rating and been unable to go through mainstream finance, and one of our best examples of this is Kunal.

Kunal has been with Wheels4sure for just over 6 years and has just started his third contract with us in an Automatic Renault Captur as seen in the photo below.


It’s clear that Kunal has enjoyed excellent service with Wheels4sure over the past 6 years and we’re filling a need for a reliable car in his job role as a Digital Consultant, or he’d not be back with us for a third time! Kunal has said about Wheels4sure “They have an excellent range of cars to chose from. The process is very straightforward thanks to the friendly staff. They help you through each step of the application process through to pick up of the vehicle. Best of all you get a brand new car and servicing is covered – what’s not to like about that”

As a company we are thrilled to have been able to work with Kunal for an extended period of time and he is now one of our longest standing customers, so once again we would like to thank Kunal for using Wheels4sure and hope that this can be used as a demonstration of what those with adverse credit are still able to obtain in the current market.

W4S Team.

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